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NEED TO FINISH EVERYTHING! I'm like backed up for like months now. Gonna try to get the more important stuff done faster. *cough* Fayt x Albel pictures *cough*
WIP Sketch - Song of Swords by Fai-Ness
WIP Sketch - Song of Swords
I will move this to my scraps when I actually do finish this.
Part 1 of 3 of an Albel x Fayt tribute series I will call Let's Dance, this particular one will be call Song of Swords. This one is more like a Albel vs Fayt picture but I view it more of a warm up, hehehe. :evillaugh:
So I actually originally posted this to facebook. GASP you heard me, I actualy go on facebook even though I swore not to go on there. I blame my Ayakashi game at the time (the game no longer exists but now has a spiritual successor Otogi - Spirit agents)... It was the best way to preserve my game. If anything I was agaisnt facebook since it was popular. On there I posted a photo of it with Albel's sword at a different angle, since then I changed it since it was bugging me.
Well enjoy this sketch of what's to come... If I get around to do it, if anything I need to :slap: slap myself to get around to it faster!
Albel and Fayt are owned by tri-Ace and Square Enix
Designing Dragons 2 - The Sinister Hydrakonis by Fai-Ness
Designing Dragons 2 - The Sinister Hydrakonis
First off this series (even if the other is just the one) used to be under the title of Dragon design like with the original one: . It sounds better to me this new way anyways so we'll leave it there. The scanner cut off the notes slightly is another thing... whatever.
Drawn in 2011 I was definitely on a dragon creation craze. That much is evident from 2009-2010 that was posted anyways.

It at first was going to be called Vexhuum, but it didn't resonate with me. After that it was going by the Hydrakon for the enitity as a whole... but that sounded more like a convention, so adding the is to Hydrakon as a whole worked best! Also I stated in the notes that this dragon came from the same universe as Alsaf and Kel'En, that's no longer the case here. Comes from another universe, and can universe hop.
This particular dragon is a composite Hydra, as in this case a non-naturally occuring Hydra resulting only when one of the heads is adept in sorcery. The story has it that humans smashed the eggs of dragons whom travelled away from their nests. Over the centuries dragons of particular species adapted and placed an egg to the side by hiding it behind rock formations burying it in a way that humans didn't know about this method. But usually the eggs that they reserve for this are the runts of the clutch, or they turn out more serpentine and bestial than their properly formed counterparts. All for the species to survive. Humans smashed the eggs in the Hydrakonis's nest....  As the eggs were being smashed the one with the most magical power that being Seith was able to save one of the other eggs Grenn, by grafting themselves (while still forming in the egg) into the hidden egg of Costraz. And ensue the hating humanity bit that comes with this sort of back story. 
When in their natural state the Hydrakonis has three heads with Seith as the main head due to being the most dominant, most magically adept, and most cunning of all. Grenn, the left as the second in command. And Costraz the right head is just plain unpredictable, but compliant to the other two heads. Two of them do take on humanoid forms  with Seith's being an elf/fey/sidhe since his complete hatred of humans and Grenn takes the human form to be able to hide in only human worlds that they travel. Costraz takes the form of a snake. And when in taking on humanoid/snake forms the other heads receed into the body giving way for the dominant form, but can easily swap between forms if need be.
In the beginning they ran into Y'Burr and Seith manipulated her for a while since she hadn't mastered Y'Sur's powers. But the tuned changed when she figured she was being used and got back at them. They came also across Kel'En and after a bloody battle,they had won. Of course Kel'En remarked that they were like him but  like in the picture here Seith retorted that they are nothing like him (I drew this scene differently in another picture and more mature content like). Later on the Hydrakonis comes across a Dragon God's scale and adsorbs the power from it becoming a bigger threat to all.
I might edit this block of text later, right now enjoy this picture! 
:iconfai-ness: own the Hydrakonis and it's heads Seith, Grenn and Costraz hydrakonis
Terrible Punwork, Jirachi by Fai-Ness
Terrible Punwork, Jirachi
Just a quick upload. all the other 2012 and such art has to have complex stories behind them... so here's a terrible, I guess parody of connect 4 with a tcg (let's say Magic) with Ruka and Jirachi (in their human formes). Drawn in 2012. 
GAH! Yet Another month wasted away... More art is coming but I get so EASILY distracted. *rolls eyes*


Is a tri-Ace game FANATIC!!
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Current Residence: Edmonton, in a house
Favourite genre of music: ROCK, METAL, TECHNO (or any combination of Metal, rock and Techno that's pleasing to my ear and doesn't matter what Language)
Favourite style of art: Anime! FAN ART!
Operating System: Windows 10
MP3 player of choice: my phone.
Wallpaper of choice: Many at once! Thank you Windows 7
Skin of choice: I'm not a shapeshifter
Favourite cartoon character: Me!, Malik, Ishtar, Jirachi, Albel, Lucifer, Rukario, Anule, Skain, Kalan, Kel'En and VEL-CHAN!
*sighs* I've been gone for FAAAAAR too long, and now that I'm truly no longer putting stuff off in terms of posting content I'm just not feeling too much love in the DA department. It's like a fresh new start, but it feels stale too. But I feel that's what I get for disappearing lengths at a time and suddenly coming back to say "I'm back now!" To only not post anything and disapear again. Gonna Scrap the Idea of that timeline from 2011 to now since too much time has past, I probably need to get in touch with my roots (of this page anyways) I will draw fan art of the most faved art on my DA page of ISHTAR and MALIK! Pokemon and some more Star Ocean. ALWAYS MORE STAR OCEAN *chuckles manically* 
What is new other than a whole tonne of characters, is that I've moved into my OWN house with Brett. The only real pain is Brett and I's neighbour's lack of volume awareness into the night and we keep telling ourselves we'll talk to them first or give them a note (but end up not doing so) before we call the cops (haven't done that either), we've been rather stoic about it lately. But other than that it's a nice cozy (duplex) house with a nice little workstation in the basement for me :3. But really, it's Awesome!
So I'll post more soon, NO LIE! >_< So hang on! At the very latest prolly 3 to 5 days.
Also Mentioning it again I got a 3D PRINTER!!!! I will have some painted projects posted as well in the up coming year, not gonna divulge too too much but I can garantee Pokemon painted figures for sure. :D

The day is almost over so Sweating a little... bare with me, or Rage don't bare with me at ALL!
Thank you for your time! :) (Smile)

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