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October 10, 2005
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A NEW WORLD OF PAIN for Sophia by Fai-Ness A NEW WORLD OF PAIN for Sophia by Fai-Ness
Download to view on a white background, it's not my fault the animator program doesn't do transparency very well.

To Start this off, first I wanted to draw Jack Russell from Radiata Stories another creation of Tri-Ace. Tho I've now FINALLY beat Star Ocean's final final boss after being defeated over and over again by her, Freya from Valkyrie profile. Even at the max levels of 255 Freya still can do devastating damage even if your defense is so high that the Ethereal Queen the second last Boss can only deal Fayt 0 Hp and Mp damage! Freya still can do 500 some and Ether Strike, damn! THAT MOVE KILLS NO MATTER WHAT... unless you stun her before she lands the move and the whole field turns into a lantern....or something like it. Anyways Radiata Stories is a hilarious and great role play even if you don't get to switch characters, but most of the characters you run into on the street can be on your team. RIGHT BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT!!!!! I was trying to say I first wanted to draw jack, then that turned into a picture of Jack being bored to death by Sophia. The it was gonna be a joke, then it turned into this an animation of this:

Sophia: *sighs and stares out into nothingness thinking only about Fayt and some hidden way to get him back from Albel*
Jack: *thinks* Now that she's too preoccupied thinking of that guy... I can make my slow but surely make my escape...
-Jack escapes and goes off to tell ppl, and the first ppl he runs into are Albel and Jounouchi (because the and they're both Hooked on Fayt :XD: ) slide into the Sophia scene-
Albel and Jounouchi: *really angry-ish creepy sorta thing* (Your Choice of Dialog) --> He's Mine! (or) --> Die Bitch (Slut or Whore... your choice too)
-Sophia snaps out her daze as soon as she hears those words then she gets viciously gets beaten up afterwards-
Fayt: *is off somewhere but feels like he's being talked about and sneezes* ( though I got lazy on this part... it was really hard to do this But I see I'll improve as time wears on)

Final Notes: Ok, you're prolly wondering why Jounouchi Katsuya is there after Fayt of all ppl? Well this goes back to a plot to get Albel Jealous where Fayt randomly hugged Jounouchi infront of Albel. But Right after this plot, Atemu returned to the afterlife, leaving Jounouchi alone, he sees Yugi as only a friend and Seto, well he now has a wife. So Jounouchi still thinks Fayt is into him... I know I'm strange but my storyline needs plot twists... erm... I hope you like this... ^^; *sighs and sadly walks away then breaks into a run* DON'T KILL ME!
Also I had no idea to put this this ain't flash and the miscelanious doesn't have a fanart catagory and I did most of this on paint then used the transparency and then animation program of ULEAD GIF ANIMATOR 5 (tho it now may be out of date) I'd like to know where to put this animation I did.

Albel, Fayt, Sophia, and Jack are s of tri-ace and Square Enix
Jounouchi Katsuya is owned by Kazuki Takahashi
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Sola-Sun Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2010
hahaha Sophia is my name! lol a whole new world of pain for!!
star-light22 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2008  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
yea :D that is, stupid sophia her deserve mua ja ja. so cool, but poor jack XD, hehe great job, i love radiata stories and star ocean 3
kunoichitamtam Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2007  Student General Artist
jack moves so albel can kill sophia
creepytea Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2005   Traditional Artist
*insert manic laughter* That's excellent animation I love it.
Fai-Ness Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2005
Thanks very much! ^^
creepytea Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2005   Traditional Artist
You're welcome :)
Yuki-Chan2 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2005  Student Digital Artist
When I looked at the title, I was like...I SO have to check this out. Sophia in pain = Happy Yuki. :D

AND YES! Fayt belongs to Albel and NOBODY ELSE! *stares at Jounouchi* But I guess you'll make an exception... BUT NOT YOU! *points to Sophia* NEVER!! YOU CAN NEVER HAVE FAYT-CHAN!!! NEVER!!!!! :shakefist:
hai-iro Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2005
Lol, that's hilarious.

Man, I STILL haven't beaten Freya yet. ARGH it's so frustrating >_<
Fai-Ness Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2005
Thankies! :glomp:

I know how you feel, it is frustrating! The way I beat Freya was to have one character idle do the stun bombs, and Have Fayt, and Cliff (no albel since Roger stole his spot and Peppita ruined getting him later... I"M SO MAD, so I had Roger idle... as much as I'd like to see the lil' bugger die for what he did to poor Albel , like not letting him join) fight. I noticed a little thing with one of Freya's attacks you know the one where it's these sysmbols appears beofre her and she turns to yuor direction to fire them onto you and no matter how far you run to a point it still hurts you? well the idea is to do tight circles when she does that move. Tho it may take practice, it took me a good 10 or more I have lost count really but it's not much, tries to finally beat freya but I figured it out and when she tries to initiate Ether strike use the almighty duck duck bomb or stun bombs you or Puffy may manufactuer during the game before Freya (blah Spelling) I mean I was on the edge of my seat and was like YES I finally beat her when I followed my stratagem, I hope I have helped you tho I would have wished they put a movie scene after Freya... instead of We beat her, and the orb wasn't destroyed and we can challenger her over and over if we want... that sort of crap. :P
hai-iro Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2005
Wow, thanks for the tip! :glomp:

What I've been doing so far is have Maria, Fayt and Nel in my party, and I have both Maria and Nel on manual. Fayt does the attacking, and ends up dying A LOT, while Nel heals/uses Stun bombs, and I try to control Maria and get her to use Energy Burst/Blast (I forget what it's called now...) Usually, I try to go for an MP kill, but she has SO MUCH MP. 3 MILLION. Bah. Usually Energy Burst causes like, 15 000 + MP damage when you have a cancel bonus, but still. That means I have to hit her with Energy Burst 200 times?!? D:

For the running in tight circles, thing, do you mean when she has that hexagonal shaped shield in front of her and fires? Yeah, I have a really hard time dodging those, again, thanks for the advice =D
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